we create art.

we is a community across borders.
we is about creatives supporting other creatives.
we is musicians, designers, visual artists, developers, directors,
actors, authors, journalists, innovators, researchers.

we has just launched.
we is and will be entirely free of financial interests.
we is about you and me and every creative starting this adventure.

What you can do.

  • What is it that you would like to do? Shoot a mail!
  • How to organise and structure? Make suggestions!
  • Roll out local meetings.
  • Get your seismic sensors out and listen to the community – what is in demand?
  • … and of course:
    SPREAD THE WORD like hell!

Where to meet.

  • Meet-ups: No matter where, start meeting and talking. Arrange and announce your meetings on social media, Doodle or here.
  • Connect at FacebookTwitter, Ello or Instagram.

How we work.

  • Join us on Slack! Anyone who likes to support us–come on over. Whatever you’d like to contribute, you are welcome. Coding, designing, drawing, handing out flyers. How to get *we* off the ground. Email us for an invite.
  • Let’s have dedicated working groups and workshops.
  • Share your ideas with your friends. Get feedback. Tell us what you learned.