Things are starting slowly but I feel the momentum growing. Actually I should say „we“ — because yes, *we* is now officially a „we“. The one-man-team became one of three persons working on tech, concept and other things. And we set up a *we* account on Slack. YAY! We do the introduction round within the next weeks.

Crafting the concept

Thanks to your feedback, the concept is becoming much clearer now.

*we* is about creatives supporting creatives. How? Think of it as a regionally targeted Buffer app for creatives.

Say, you’re in a small town and you’re in dire need of something. But like most of us, you only have few online followers to reach out to — and of course they are miles and miles away.

Which means you have to do two things:

  1. Spread your message extremely to increase the likeliness of including reaching someone near.
  2. Narrow down the circle of people you after numerous iterations of spreading, and focus on those people in your current region.

That’s quite impossible if not contradictory to do. It takes time at best. Lots of. What about situations when in it’s really urgent? Well, I think *we* have an idea. 😉

Making magical matches!

Simply send us the message. We will share it to all members. This gives you a much higher reach because these are like-minded people. They are not your followers. But they are more likely to share your call for help.

More than that, those members who happen to live right next to where you are will receive repeated social media messages. If it’s really urgent, we are planning to send mails. The next step would be text messages to regional members who are willing to receive those.

Which means you get the best of both worlds. You won’t need many followers.

I’m confident that we can overcome the only bottleneck there is quite soon. The challenge is to grow our community towards the smallest villages.

So much things we would love to do…

There is more we are planning for. The concept includes small and personal meetings and events for jams, workshops, gatherings, BBQs. As soon as we find partners to support us financially, my personal wish would be to enable members from other regions or even countries to participate in those events. And why not have equipment we can share?

*we* is freelancers, so thy shall benefit!

A community of creatives means we are a community of freelancers. The benefits of cooperating for freelancers is easy to see: Pitch as one team for larger projects. Get hired for gigs outside of your region. Get feedback from people you trust. Make friends.

Sounds good, me thinks 🙂