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This article emotionally describes why it’s so damn important to launch our community.



What is it that I am doing here?


Short bio:


My name is Wolfgang Senges, and I’m working as a freelancer at ContentSphere. I’m active in several projects related to music, concepts and strategy. You might call me a digital strategist at the crossroads of technology, marketing, media and music.

As a co-founder and executive director I co-launched C3S SCE to rethink collection societies in a grassroots and bootstrap effort. To pave the way for C3S, I took the lead in a crowdfunding campaign that turned out quite successful at that time in Germany (2013).

I worked with artists such as Marillion, Amanda Palmer, Zoe Keating, Martin Atkins, Oh Land, Zoe Leela and Sarah Benz. As a curator and co-head of programme I’ve been involved in the start of conventions like all2gethernow and Berlin Music Week. Other customers include promotional service Songpier and Televisor Troika.

In another life, I held roles as a project manager, marketing manager and web developer in the software business.

More information on my projects you can find at my portfolio page at ContentSphere. A rather personal take on how I got where I am now you can read here.

If you read my call for We, another thing might fit in: I have been born in Germany. But for more than 30 years, due to some obscure family history, I literally had no nationality–I have been stateless, and I have been very aware of that. Despite I had been born in the very land I lived in, once a year I had to apply and pay for a visa to travel through the Benelux countries.