We. The Agenda. Yours and mine.

As a starter, here are some ideas we can work on. But after all it depends on what you feel you can offer.

As you can see, it is essential that we build an infrastructure to keep track of the supporters as well as of the ones that are in demand of help, of locations, of the kind of support etc.

Any single one of you can contribute something to spread the word and help us grow: designers, coders, directors, performers, musicians, composers, authors, journalists, photographs. Have a look a the site and you will notice what’s missing from your perspective.

The key is to build a strictly non-commercial site to connect and create.

Beyond politics. As creatives.



Think about it, get some feedback, and send your suggestions to We.

Alternatively ask for the GoogleDocs link to upload your ideas.

  • Would you like to exchange opportunities to play gigs?
  • Can you organise meetups and workshops?
  • Are you willing to help creatives that are new to your area to get/hire equipment?
  • Would you offer information for artists and creatives?
  • Can you provide a place to stay or some food?
  • Would to like to join the team to identify potential patrons for our community?
  • How can we keep non-EU creatives an integral part of projects that are EU funded?