My personal call to all creatives.


I’m fed up with watching things happen that are plain stupid and dangerous at the same time. Posting how stupid it is doesn’t make it better. Call me pathetic, but I want to DO something about it.


I’m calling the Creative Community in Europe and beyond. I’m asking musicians, composers, lyricists, authors, journalists, designers, photographers, directors, actors, developers, startups and researchers to participate. That’s quite a few of you. It is no modest approach.


Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to start yet another party. Or a political movement.


Much rather I’d like to get together with people. To exchange knowledge. To communicate. To enable people to get together and support like-minded creatives on a personal basis. They might even be not so like-minded politically. But all of them, they are creative.


Let’s do it our way–let’s connect and create.


In the wake of what’s politically going on in many European countries, we can help each other to reduce the disadvantages. Get together to create and educate. In the long run we may¬†prevent things from turning worse.


We. The Creators’ Community.


Call it a network. Call it a cooperative. I don’t care. Any cultural exchange, any personal communication, any cooperations that are crossing borders are supporting artists and other creatives.


It might not turn out to be as worse as it seems. But is it wrong to support each other? Whatever the aftermath of the referendum will be–it won’t be wrong to lay the ground for a multi-cultural community of creators.


It would be far more than exaggerated to tell you I’ve got the masterplan to cure that deep cut coming upon us. We have to sit down together and make up our minds. I don’t know if this works. Maybe it fails at first sight. But we will make new friends in the vast creative community–and by this, we succeed.


A single voice, or a single frequency gets lost in noise.
One choir, one strong chord will be heard.